The Long and Winding Road of Unit 1 reaches its end

We have reached the end of unit 1 and I would like to know what you thought of it,  so could you please participate in the following poll? Also, give your reasons in the comment section. Only English allowed! Your participation in this post will be taken into consideration. GO FOR IT!

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34 Responses to The Long and Winding Road of Unit 1 reaches its end

  1. pablo fernandez melgarejo says:

    vocabulary because there is a new vocabulary by pablofernandez melgarejo

  2. Maria Jose Buendia gu says:

    this unit has not been easy but I liked it because the” grammar”-s in the third person is a bit more difficult

  3. Maria Jose Buendía Guerrero says:

    this unit has not been easy but I liked it because the” grammar”-s in the third person is a bit more difficult by:Maria Jose Buendía Guerrero 1ºC

  4. Mary Jhos Bermudez Gomariz says:

    Because is very boring, but is necesary for speak with others persons. I think that in this unit is not difficult because is the last year (review) By: Mary Jhos Bermudez Gomariz 1º C

    • liverpuliana says:

      I agree with you, Mary Jhos. Grammar is probably the most boring aspect when learning a new language, but, as you very wisely say, grammar is necessary to speak and write correctly.

  5. Mary Jhos Bermudez Gomariz says:

    Of the last year, Sorry this is correction.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Grammar,is very very boring and it is very easy because i knowed it.By Ricardo Abellan Castillo

  7. liverpuliana says:

    I’m glad that you find grammar easy, Ricardo. Also remember, grammar is necessary to speak and write English correctly.

  8. Miguel del Rivero Usón says:

    Hello Inma,I am Miguel del Rivero Usón. I like your explication and your videos of the United Kingdom, I also want to tell you that you have motivated me a lot. At last I thank you for your effort with us.

  9. fran ayala says:

    Gramar i don´t now not quite understand what you have and that of the.I am francisco

  10. Silvia Yepes Barbero says:

    Grammar, because is very boring but is necessary to write in English. In this unit grammar is easy.
    Silvia Yepes Barbero 1C

    • liverpuliana says:

      Grammar is probably the most boring aspect about learning a new language, Silvia. However, as you very wisely point out it’s necessary to know grammar to speak and write fluently.

  11. This unit is easy but the “grammar” is more difficult.
    Celia Campuzano Zárate 1º C.

  12. Marina Campuzano says:

    Grammar because is boring and is difficult for me.
    But is neccesary .
    Marina Campuzano 1°C.

    • liverpuliana says:

      Grammar might be one of the most boring aspects of learning a language but as you mention, it is necessary. Besides, it all depends on the way you learn grammar.

  13. clemenmte cervantes marin says:

    this unit was very easy for my i want the next unit very difficult.Clemente Cervantes Marin

    • liverpuliana says:

      I’m glad this unit was easy for you, Clemente. Just remember, you learn something new every day.Besides, more difficult doesn’t mean more interesting.

  14. pablo villegas rodriguez 1 C says:

    this unit is very easy for my

  15. Anonymous says:

    antonio yagues brando 1c the vocabulary because it was new

    • liverpuliana says:

      It’s always difficult to learn new vocabulary, Antonio. Remember that one of the best ways to learn new words is by reading in English. You are doing a great job. Keep on working like that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Grammar because it is boring
    But when I sometimes think that with that grammar help me understand other people and make new friends. I fall more willing to learn and that’s one reason why I chose bilingual.
    Another thing I love your page Inma I hope you keep putting more cool stuff 🙂

    Raquel Atenza García 1ºC

    • liverpuliana says:

      Thanks a lot, Raquel. I’m glad you like the page and the idea of this blog is to upload your work. Therefore, the harder you work, the cooler it will look 🙂

  17. fran ayala says:

    hellow inma i´ve got a questions.the picture red change for unit.

  18. PABLO ORTEGA says:

    vocabulary beacause at first i don´t understand

  19. Máximo Ortiz López says:

    Hellow Inma, I´m Máximo and this website is very interesting. For me, it´s very difficult the grammar but I like the english

  20. Angela says:

    Grammar,because is very difficult and boring
    by:Angela Solana Losa 1º C

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