Spooky Halloween

Halloween is here and this is what the students in 1º ESO B and 1º ESO C have been doing. Like usual, working very hard. Choosing the best pieces of work wasn’t an easy job but this is the final result. Enjoy!

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The beheaded boy, by Jaime 1ºB

It was midnight. The moon was dark. That year I met with my friends to visit the old house in the 333 at Haunted Street. I knocked the door, it opened but there was nobody. In that moment we started to be scary. When everybody was in, the door closed with a slam. I powered on the torch and then we saw him: the ghost of a beheaded boy. We ran away and nobody could sleep that night.

Happy Halloween, by Antonia 1ºB

It was a dark, dark night and everybody was in bed. When I was hungry I went down to the kitchen. I was cooking a sandwich when I saw a shadow. I was scared and suddenly heard a very loud noise. I started to scream and then my mum came to the kitchen. When my mother turned the light on, I looked that the shadow was really a cat, GARFIELD!!!!!

Halloween story, by Carlos 1ºB

It was midnight and we were going to a house to ask for candies. We knocked the door. There wasn’t anyone in and suddenly the door opened. It was an abandoned house and as it was Halloween we went to inspect it. In the kitchen was a roast that was just made. Go up to the first floor and we saw a great hall with many pictures. When we pass by a picture I saw that they moved the eyes and gave me a chill. We follow that corridor until the end and we have a man with no face!

The Girl of the Cemetery, by Alberto 1º B

Long years ago in Archena a boy met a girl in a disco. They were dancing all night until she said it was too late and had to return home. It was very cold so he lent her his jacket. She told him that she lived near the cemetery, and he left her in the corner of the street. She said: “don’t worry, I will refund your jacket”.

Few days after he went to her house and her mother opened the door. He asked for her and her mother told him that her daughter had been dead for two years. He couldn’t believe it because he had been dancing with her all night. Then the mother took him to the cemetery and on top of the grave of her daughter was the boy’s jacket.

As I promised you a few weeks ago here is another video of the hard work you did during Halloween. Nice!

Halloween 2012 at IES Vicente Medina from Inmaculada López on Vimeo.

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22 Responses to Spooky Halloween

  1. liverpuliana says:

    Thanks guys for all your hard work. Inma is a very proud teacher!

  2. Maria Jose Buendía Guerrero says:

    The stories and the video are very good.I live it very much

  3. Maria Jose Buendía Guerrero says:

    I like it very much.Sorry for the mistake

  4. PepaBotella says:

    I really like the work you have done. It shows you have dedicated them time and desire. The pumpkin with teeth is super.
    Sorry for my English. A greeting from a High School of Murcia.

  5. Mary Jhos Bermudez Gomariz says:

    Guau Inma, This webpage is fantastic, and the videos are very nice. We you do much work, but the work is fantastic. You do a great work with the page¡¡

    I´m Mary Jhos Bermudez Gomariz of 1º C

  6. liverpuliana says:

    Thanks, Mary Jhos. If this web is fantastic is thanks to you and your schoolmates, no doubt 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello Inma a idea is post the homeworks here Bye By: Francisco

  8. antonia says:

    I really like this website because we can see our works

  9. Jaime López pay 1ºB says:

    To find the driagam of my pumkin go to this link:
    Jack O' Lantern CPs

  10. Jose Ismael says:

    I really like the blog becouse we can see the work and the things that people.

    Jose Ismael 1° B

  11. Alberto Martínez says:

    The video is fantastic and the scary stories are great. I really like this website 🙂

  12. Marta Abad Gomariz says:

    wau inma. It`s great . I like it . I´m Marta Abad , I`m in class 1º C.

  13. Raquel Atenza Garcia says:

    I liked it and also a song by my idol Michael Jackson, good job Inma

  14. Maria Jose Buendía Guerrero says:

    I like the video and the song very much . Thriller is a one of my favorite song of Michael Jackson

  15. Marina Campuzano Palazón - 1ºC says:

    I liked the video and work.
    🙂 Good job Inma

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