Spain, no country for the Young

“In my opinion there is no future for the youth. A lot of Spanish graduates have to go abroad because here there aren’t good jobs. Moreover,in a few years, Spain will be a country of idiots because people don’t seem to worry about their culture or education”. 

Caridad Castejón, 2º Bachillerato C

Once more students show they have their own ideas, very clear ideas. In this case they had to comment on a text about the Spanish economic crisis and the difficult situation most young people have to bear once they finish their university degrees, forcing them to escape from a country which offers them a very uncertain future job-wise.

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1 Response to Spain, no country for the Young

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great perspective and is a hard reality for Spanish youth today. In the US we are constantly told to “go where the jobs are” and because of this it has become engrained into our culture. Our country is huge so we don’t have to leave it, we just simply move to another city or state. Unfortunately Spain isn’t as big as the US and the young people just graduating have to look outside of their country for work. Sadly all of Spain’s educated hopefuls have to leave, leaving the uneducated and corrupt to run the country and “preserve” Spanish culture. This is the bitter reality of an economic crisis.

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