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Imagina valores

Seguimos trabajando normas y valores. Esta vez os propongo trabajar valores con “Imagine” de John Lennon. Haz click en la foto y realiza las actividades propuestas.

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Native Americans

For the past two weeks we have been learning about how the pilgrims got to America escaping from religious and political persecution in England. When they got to America many of them died because they didn’t know how to farm … Continue reading

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American history for 2º ESO (Popplet)

Click on the photo to see a very brief summary of three major events in American history. It might help you when you start designing your timeline. And by clicking on the following photos you can go straight to your … Continue reading

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Convivir en el instituto

Recuerda que al instituto vienes a aprender y que los profesores estamos para ayudarte en todo lo que necesites con el fin de que este aprendizaje sea lo más satisfactorio posible para ti y tus compañeros . El instituto no … Continue reading

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Present Simple practice

Hi all If you feel you need to do more practice on the Present Simple, click on the photos and they will take you to some online exercises. Good luck!        

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