Native Americans

For the past two weeks we have been learning about how the pilgrims got to America escaping from religious and political persecution in England. When they got to America many of them died because they didn’t know how to farm or hunt. The Native Americans helped them and as a a way to say thanks the pilgrims threw a huge feast (what is known nowadays as Thanksgiving).

However, there were many battles because Britain and France wanted more and more land and as a consequence Native Americans were gradually forced off their land and relocated in  special places called “reservations”. I asked you to imagine you were a Native American teenager in a reservation and to write a letter to the soldier in command to explain how you felt about being separated from your family, your friends, your home. These are some of your letters:


I hope you received this letter, otherwise you are going to kill all the people that I know, you already kill my mum and my dad but I still believe you are going to kill my friends, you are going to destroy my house, my town, all the familly that I still having.I only wanted to say another thing to you, I only hope that this horrible thing you are doing is going to have a end, maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe next year I do not know but this is going to end. (Clemente Cervantes, 2º ESO B)


I write to inform you of the situation we are seeing my people against your war. Each night the children have nightmares to remember how they got them by force from their homes, and how abused their mothers. Every morning they wake frozen by homelessness. I write this letter as a final warning to abandon our lands. (Marina Campuzano, 2º ESO B)


My name is Alberto and I am thirteen. I was at home when I started listening shootings. I was very scared and I hid. When I don´t listened nothing I went outside and I saw all the people … dead. My father, my mother, my brother, my friends… all dead. Imagine that happened to you. Do you like? I hate it.

A greeting. (Alberto Martínez, 2º ESO C)

My name is Nahua and I´m one of the native americans who are in this places called “reservations´´. I´m very sad and unhappy, because I´m separated of my mum, my dad and my two brothers. I don´t mind if I am in a reservation or no, I only want be with my family and with my tribe. Today is my birthday, and the best present who can give me is stay with my family. Here, I don´t know nobody and I´m very hungry. I am cold and we are very boring, because we can´t do anything: we can´t play, because we don´t know, we can´t sow, because we don´t have any seed… We only cry all the day. I only want all this end very soon. We are weak, and some people are dying. (María Molina, 2º ESO C)

Dear chief soldier:

You don´t know what I am suffering in the refuge. I haven´t got any food. I lost my family, my friends,because they killed them, my house and all my belongings. I am devastate, I don´t know, what I can do. We are in danger, because they can come back when they want, and kill me. I am scary. I don´t know where I can hide, to protect me. I feel that I´m gonna dead immediately. 

A Sioux from the tribe. Mª José Bermúdez, 2º ESO B)


I’m a teenager from the Sioux tribe. I’m writing to tell you how I feel after the loss of my friends and family.  I feel I haven’t got nothing and nobody in this world to love. I haven’t got home. I don’t know if my friends and family are alive or dead And in case they are live where? I find nothing to want to live. months to escape the end there is nothing left. (Mª José Buendía, 2º ESO B)

Dear American chief soldier:

My people and me are suffering because you attack we, We lost our houses and our land, we can not grow food and eat. Please, Why we don’t live with you and your people?, we are in America more years than you. Please you must give the freedom. (Pablo Fernández, 2º ESO B)

Soldier Adam, I am very sad because I lost a lot of things that were very important in my life. I lost my family, I have only my brother, I lost all my friends, because they have all died. People these days are very sad because many of them have lost their families. This war is still very hard for everyone and it is affecting a lot. Soldier Adam  we need help on all food and doctors to cure many people who are sick. Please, you have to help us, if not all going to die. (Antonio Yagües, 2º ESO B)

Hi, I’m a Native American and I want to tell you that my family and I are very sad because you separate us from where we live and where lived our ancestors and take us to strange places, you also separate us from our friends and family. Please don’t separate us from our house. (Celia Pérez, 2º ESO C)

Hello, my name is Verónica, I am 13 years old and I am growing up without my family, my friends and my house. I feel alone, because the majority of the peopIe I meet, now is dead, please stop to kill, we are not doing nothing wrong! I am lost, I do not have my mum to teach me how to do things, I do not have my sister to talk with her, I do not have my dad to laugh with him…  I need my family.  (Verónica Caracena, 2º ESO B)

Dear chief soldier:

I am a teenager from the Sioux tribe. I live in a real nightmare. I am alone because they killed my family and all the people that I know .I haven’t got any food.  I haven’t got home and I get up scary because I think that I am in constant danger.  Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I’m gonna be dead. Think about these words because we only need your help. (Celia Campuzano, 2º ESO B)

Dear chief soldier.

I am Silvia and I am a teenager from the Sioux Tribe. Before this war I had everything, but now… My mum is died, my dad too, my friends… I only have my sister. The people are ill, we need doctors, we need food, you have got food and doctors, we need them. Please, think about us, help me, you can’t give my family but you can help me. Please, think abut us. (Silvia Yepes, 2º ESO B)

Dear American Chief Soldier:

Recently I’ve been separated of my family and friends. All they are now dead, you and your army killed them, and now I am all alone. I feel… I can’t stop crying, all the people I loved and I still love are gone. Never again gonna see them. I saw how you make them suffer without a reason. I don’t know what to do, a part of me wanna die, another part wanna make you suffer like they did, another part wanna start to cry and never stop. I just hope that you can’t sleep at night. Hope that you remember all that you do to innocent people. And think of all the boys, girls and babies, sons and daughters of these people. They are alone now, like me. (Elena Campoy 2º ESO B)

Hello American chief soldier I want you to know that I saw my family , all my family and my friends fell in the war , you´re happy I suppose, because you are killing all the people in my tribe….. I´m thirteen years old and I want you to know that this…. is….. not the end……(Alejandro García, 2º ESO C)

Hello, my name is Irene and I am thirteen year old. I want to learn more about what you are going through, it was a scary day, since my house and many noises frighten me much and I was alone in my house because I was a refugee, but my parents and all my loved ones were out. They were killed in the door of my house. the made of less and I decided to leave and I found. I started to cry, I did not know you do because it had lost everything by a war… (Irene Guillén, 2º ESO C)


I’m a teenager from the Sioux tribe.In this moment I’m prisioner and I’m separated of my family I´m feel sad because here they treat me of way contemptuous and I’m feel bad and without excite.Here I’m not eat good. I hope someone come to save me.

 Thanks for reading this letter. (José Manuel González, 2º ESO C)

Hello American chief soldier I write a letter for you:

I think you are a very bad person because you killed a lot of my friends, some persons of my family and you  have occupied our land,.Now we have to start a new life in a other land and make our houses of new.

Do you think you are doing good? (Ricardo López, 2º ESO C)

Hi  American Chief Soldier:

I’m Tamara and I’m thirteen years old.I’m writing to you  to tell you my situation right now. At the moment , I´m living in a reservation in north of the country because you atacked my village and you destroyed my house. In here, I’m very sad and very scared  becasuse I don’t know where are my family and my friends and how are them . I don´t know if I will see them and I  don’t know if they are alive or dead. Everything is your fault !I think you’re a bad person and I hate you. (Tamara Méndez, 2º ESO C)

To all kind hearted people.

I have decided writting this letter hoping someone in some place stop this madness.

Me, my family and all the other families have a common wish, that is, living in peace.I think ” peace “and ” freedom” are natural rights for everybody and this should never be happening. I  would like awake tomorrow and discover this situation was only a bad dream. Please help us. (Cristina Rojo, 2º ESO C)

Dear American chief soldier:

My name is Maria, I’m 23 years old, I write this letter for you because I living in a reservation in north of the country , I am separated of my family and my friends, I hate this situation , I don’t know anyone here. I feel alone, because I ost  lot of things that were very important in my live.

I think that your avarice for the lend must stop, much people are died.  I need my friends and my family.

Thanks for reading this letter. (María Gomariz, 2º ESO C)

Dear head of U.S. soldier,

I´m writing to tell you how I feel after losing my family, my friends and my house. I feel very bad because you expeled me of my land and I feel alone.I would like to go home but I can´t because you burned it.Imagine my situation and I hope you don´t do it with other people.

Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you know how I feel. (Alejandro Salmerón, 2º ESO C)

Hi, there!

My name´s Blackfoot Ángela. My whole family and I belong to the Sioux tribe. I am very sad because our land and home have been taken away. We used to be free and we could come and play uphill and downhill very happily. Unfortunately, I feel very miserable because many of my friends have died in the past months. Now they want us to speak English and to pray Jesus and I feel like I´m losing my identity. (Ángela Solana, 2º ESO B)

Hello Sir,

I write you to explain what happened to our tribe. First of all you’re miserable because it came in to my knowlege that you commanded the army that attacked my village. You destroyed my life.My friends, my wife, and my children are all dead. The whole town is burnt. I will follow you until you’re dead too.  I’M SEEKING REVENGE!!!!! REVENGE,REVENGE,REVENGE… (José Ramón Ayala, 2º ESO B)

Dear chief soldier:

 Hello my name is Miguel and I am writing to tell you how I feel after the loss of my friends and family. That is because you attacked us and now we have to live in reserves. I am sad because you have taken us almost all:The lands, friends, households, family… I pray every day for free and leave us in peace. (Miguel del Rivero Usón. 2º ESO B)











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  1. Nick says:

    Some excellent letters here, really impressed with the way some do the students express their feelings as if they had really gone back in time and were in the reservations.

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