Archena rocks!

During the first term we were working on American music as part of our project “Crossing the pond with 2º ESO“. After a few classes in which you were told about the history of American music, you were asked to record a cover version of an American song of your choice. I really hope you enjoyed doing this activity as much as I have enjoyed listening to/watching your creations.


Click on the song titles to listen to the audio files:

My Sharona (The Knack) by José Ismael, Jesús, Alex Martínez and José Antonio.

The Climb (Miley Cyrus) by Elvira and Marina.

Cover 21 Guns (Green Day) by Mª José Buendía, Silvia, Celia Campuzano and Mª José Bermúdez.

Sick of Love (Robert Ramírez) by Carlos, Gabi, Pedro Gabarrón, Pablo Villegas and Miguel.

Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) by Cecilia, Laura y Mireia.

Every rose has its thorn (Poison) by Jaime, Máximo, Ricardo and Alejandro García.

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