Juliet Capulet and Malala Yousafzai

Students from 3º ESO B and C have been working on “Romeo and Juliet” for the last two months. We decided we weren’t going to do an exam for this reading because we have come to the conclusion that reading and exam are two enemy words (just like Capulets and Montagues). So how would we evaluate this reading? Easy! Thinking of tasks which could be evaluated by the whole class, not just by the teacher and concentrating mainly on emotions and the role of women in the 16th century and how this role has changed in the last 4 centuries…or hasn’t it?

10th October, 2014 is an important date in the development of our task. Malala Yousafzai is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle for a quality education for everybody. Call it coincidence or whatever but straight away we see a connection between Juliet’s story and Malala’s. Besides, we agree that this brave girl deserves a little homage from us. We start listening to her words on finding out she’s been given the prize:


After listening to her, we decide to record a radio programme in which students have to work in groups and assign roles to interview Malala, asking her a series of questions to see the connection between Shakespeare’s play and her story.

You can access the whole process of the task step by step by clicking here.

I strongly recommend you to listen to these radio programmes. Simply awesome work 😉

Malala iVoox Channel

Malala iVoox Channel


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2 Responses to Juliet Capulet and Malala Yousafzai

  1. Nick says:

    Some really impressive work here. Has anybody sent the link to Malala? I’m sure she’d be impressed.

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