2nd Cultural Week at IES Vicente Medina

Hi everybody The last week in May we celebrated the 2nd Cultural Week at our IES, where the main topic was “El Progreso”. My students in 1º ESO C and 3º ESO B/C contributed with their hard and awesome work, as usual. In 1º ESO C we concentrated on how the situation for children has improved since Victorian times. In the 3rd term we read “Nurse Matilda” and we took the opportunity to do some research on what life was like for poor and rich children in Victorian times as well as at the beginning of the 20th century. We also read the famous poem by William Blake, “The Chimney sweeper” to try to understand the hard life conditions for Victorian children. Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 20.44.59 The next step was for students to put themselves in the skin of these children and they came out with the following fantastic work:

You can check their work in these photos too:

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Elsewhere, 3º ESO B and 3ºC were kind enough to perform the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet”. In the first term, they worked on modern versions of the play. In this case, what we did was to adapt the language of this famous scene to modern times and ask for volunteers to act it out. Jaime López from 3ºB is Romeo, Elvira from 3ºC is Juliet and Melissa from 3ºC is the Nurse and the narrator. I would also like to thank Marta, who volunteered to be Juliet and came to rehearse but got ill for the performance. Besides, lots of students helped to make the balcony. Special thanks to Belén and Mª José from the Art Department and Gema, without whom this would have been impossible. Enjoy: Look at these photos of the making of the balcony and the fantastic audience:

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