Syrian Refugees

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This year in 4º ESO we decided we were going to start the English classes not with the usual revision of Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, blablabla (boooooring!!!!), but talking about something which has been making us think how lucky we are to have such a good life in a country where, fortunately, we don’t have to hide what we think or escape because there is a war which is finishing with everything we’ve known since we were born, including friends and family.

We thought it would be nice to show our respect towards Syrian refugees by dedicating a few of our classes to reflect on everything they have been going through and thus 4ºB were asked to prepare a poster, using Canva, about prejudices we have towards refugees and immigrants in general. They were also asked to think about possible ways to aid them. Click on the photo to have a look at the posters:

Give me shelter

Give me shelter

4ºC, on the other hand, had to put themselves in the shoes of the Syrian families who have been forced to leave their country in search of better life conditions. As such, they recorded radio programmes in which the interviewer had to interview the family on the radio. To do this, they first wrote the script on a Google document which they shared with the teacher and then they uploaded their programme to Spreaker. I, the teacher, have uploaded their programmes to Ivoox for practical reasons. You can listen to them here:

Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees

We would have preferred to talk about more pleasant topics, but all in all it has been a good way to start this academic year.

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