Australia: The Convicts’ Wall

Hello everybody and welcome back. It seems ages since we last wrote a post on the blog, but we are back now with many more exciting tasks/projects which we will be published as we finish them.

This term, 1º Bachillerato A/B are working on a project about Australia. Australia is an exciting country which goes far beyond just Sydney and its famous Opera House. Students are busy right now designing their Google maps of famous places in Australia, but they have also been learning a bit of Australian history such as the fact that Australia was first used as a Penal Colony by the British as a way to expand their Empire. Besides, they are also doing some research on probably the saddest part of Australian History, the stolen generation of Aboriginal children who were taken from their families so that they could be integrated into white society.

To get the ball rolling, here is the collaborative wall where they had put themselves in the shoes of British convicts sent to Australia. Click on the photo to learn how those people might have felt:

The Convicts' Wall by 1º Bach A/B

The Convicts’ Wall by 1º Bach A/B

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