Immigration in New York and immigration in Europe.

During the first term, students from 2º Bachillerato C have been reading about the first immigrants to arrive in New York at the beginning of the 20th century. They have been doing some research on Ellis Island and trying to understand why, whilst New York represented a new hope for many, leaving everything behind to go in search of a new life was also a hard decision which didn’t always turn out so well.

I thought that probably the best way for students to understand how people might feel when they are forced to leave their countries was to connect it to the refugee crisis Europe is going through at the moment. As there’s no better way to sympathise with those suffering than to put yourself in their shoes, I told the students they would have to record a radio programme in which they would interview a family of refugees living in Spain.

So, they worked as follows:

  • First, they had to write the scripts of their radio programmes on a Google Document and share them with me. You can check them out if you click on the photo:


  • After checking the scripts, they recorded their programmes and uploaded them to Spreaker. I have grouped them all in ivoox for easier access. Click on the photo to listen to them:


All in all, students have done a great job. Congratulations!!!


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