eCVs by 1º Bachillerato

Nowadays, nearly all Spanish teachers panic when they hear the word standard, especially when you haven’t got a clue on how to present the work to your students. One of the Writing standards in English for 1º Bachillerato is for the students to write their curriculum vitae, but the thing is they’re only 16 and most of them haven’t got any work experience (especially if you consider the fact that if you are under 16, you aren’t supposed to work because it’s illegal).

So, how can we work/evaluate this standard and survive the ordeal? Easy, let’s have some fun!!! During the first term, students worked on a project about Australia and found information about organisations which offer food and accommodation in exchange for voluntary work. Oh well, let’s record an eCV applying for a post in one of them. Most of the posts offered are to do with farming/gardening/working the land jobs, so students will have to imagine they’re very good at those tasks and try their best.

If you click on the photo below, you can get more information about the different steps they followed before reaching the final editing and recording stage of their videos:



As expected, the students did a great job. Check out their videos and have fun!!



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