School’s out forever!!!

PleaseThis term, the project for 2º Bachillerato students has been to reflect on their time at school since they started back in 2011. I thought it would be nice to end this important stage in their educational lives wrapping up what these six years have meant for them academically and personally.

These were the steps they had to follow to prepare their work:

  • Prepare a presentation about your time at Vicente Medina high school. Feel free to interview teachers or language assistants who, one way or another, have contributed to your academic/personal growth. Remember the interview must be in English, so if the teacher doesn’t speak English, one of the people in your group will have to act as a translator. You can record the interview, but ask for permission before doing so.
  • Talk about your best moments. You can talk about the bad times too (if you have had any), but remember this is a happy project.
  • Include photos of your early years at high school, school trips, projects,…
  • You can use whatever tool you want to prepare your presentation.
  • Please, bear in mind that several Listening and Speaking standards will be evaluated with this project.
  • Have fun!

Finally, they were told their work would be orally presented to the rest of the class. Here are some examples of what they came up with:

Onofre, Ricardo, Juanjo, Ortega, Nicolás and Alfonso

Isa, Lucía, Jesús, Cristina and Andrea

Luis, Javi, Julián and Alejandro

Laura Palazón, Moisés, Fran and Laura Vidal

Mar, Encarna and Clara

Nuria, Nerea, Teresa and Laura Carrillo

Interviews with teachers:

Loli Sánchez (English teacher)

Interview with José Miguel Litago (Maths teacher)

Then and Now (how some things have changed!!!)

Marks in 1º ESO and in 2º Bach

Attention in 1º ESO classes vs 2º Bach classes

Their best moments:

2º Bach B/D Bilingual (2011-17)

Thanks a lot for your hard work and for being a really nice group to teach and travel with. I wish you all the best in your future plans…whatever they are. I’m sure you will do great 🙂

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