Off to New York with 2º Bachillerato!

Once again, students from 2º Bachillerato prepared an imaginary trip to New York designing the route of their dreams for when they visit this amazing city.

I know that in 2º Bachillerato we should be employing our time preparing for the EBAU exam …ermmmm…or not. It’s clear that this EBAU exam is probably one of the most important exams they are going to take in their lives and blablabla, but come on!!!! English is so much more than that!!! I’m not a robot, my students are not robots. I have been teaching this lot since they were in 1º ESO and, honestly, I know very well they’re not the kind of students I can spend a whole year practising one single exam with … and thank God for that 🙂

Anyhow, during this term they have been reading “A foreigner in New York” and the best way to show what they have learnt from this story was to design their ideal trip to New York. Before they started this task, we watched some videos, listened to some music from New York, learnt about Ellis island, talked about immigrants looking for a better future and tried to link that to the present day. All in all, students have done a great job and if you have never been to NY, you will surely want to go after you check their work 😉

Mª José Bermúdez, Cristina and Lorena

Vero, Ángela M., Ángela S., Berta and María

Mª José Buendía, Celia Campuzano, Yaiza, Celia Pérez and María Molina



Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.46.26

Raquel, Nerea and Celia Martínez


Marta, Tamara and Antonia

Click on the photo to check out the whole process:

Amazing NYC 2º Bach


And here the stars of the show presenting their fantastic work 😉

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