Food in English speaking countries

As part of the project “Amazing Britain 1º ESO” that students have been working on this term, they were asked to investigate about typical food and different meals in a country where English is spoken as a first language. Most of them chose either Britain or USA, but the most adventurous ones decided to prepare their work about Australia or Scotland.

They had to create a digital leaflet using smore with the different meals in the country they chose and the typical food eaten in each of these meals. Once they had done this, they presented their work orally to the rest of their classmates.

Bearing in mind most of them had never done an oral English presentation before and were really nervous, they all did an excellent job. Some of them even wanted to be recorded as you can see in the following videos:

British food from Inmaculada López on Vimeo.

You can also check all of their works clicking on these photos:

Sergio and Alba Macías

Rubén and Juan Alberto

Pablo Motellón and Gema

Juan Carmelo and Clemente

Alberto and Juan Antonio

Ángela and Marina

Felipe and Álvaro

Pablo Guillamón and Edu

Patricia and Jordi

Michelle and Alba Gómez

Adrián and Pedro



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