Edgar Allan Poe in 1º Bachillerato

During this first term, students from 1º Bachillerato have read an adaptation of “Stories of Mystery and Suspense” by Edgar Allan Poe and they have been working on a project about this North American writer and about the different emotions conveyed in his stories, among other things. They participated in Literature Talks and listened to Joy Division, The Cure and Nirvana and tried to establish a connection between their music and Poe’s Literature. Click on the photo to access the project:

For the final task, students were asked to choose their favourite story and prepare a presentation in which they had to include information about the plot, characters, themes, symbols and emotions. The most popular stories were, undoubtedly, “Ligeia”, “The Masque of the Red Death” and “The Pit and The Pendulum”.

Here are some of the results. Enjoy!!

Nuria, Aida and Rocío

Nuria, Aida and Rocío’s presentation

Ana, Lucía, Elena and Marta

Ana, Lucía, Marta and Elena’s presentation

Úrsula, Eunice, David Cano and David Campuzano


Darius’ presentation

Ana Isabel, Mireya, Inés, José Luis and Mónica

Adrián, Tomás and Daniel




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