eCVs by 1º Bachillerato

Nowadays, nearly all Spanish teachers panic when they hear the word standard, especially when you haven’t got a clue on how to present the work to your students. One of the Writing standards in English for 1º Bachillerato is for the students to write their curriculum vitae, but the thing is they’re only 16 and most of them haven’t got any work experience (especially if you consider the fact that if you are under 16, you aren’t supposed to work because it’s illegal).

So, how can we work/evaluate this standard and survive the ordeal? Easy, let’s have some fun!!! During the first term, students worked on a project about Australia and found information about organisations which offer food and accommodation in exchange for voluntary work. Oh well, let’s record an eCV applying for a post in one of them. Most of the posts offered are to do with farming/gardening/working the land jobs, so students will have to imagine they’re very good at those tasks and try their best.

If you click on the photo below, you can get more information about the different steps they followed before reaching the final editing and recording stage of their videos:



As expected, the students did a great job. Check out their videos and have fun!!



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Alumnos del IES Vicente Medina visitan el Parlamento Europeo

Alumnos del IES Vicente Medina de Archena de 1º Bach de Ciencias Sociales participaron en la XXII edición del concurso “Euroscola 2016“. El tema de esta edición era “Los 30 años de España en la UE”.

El equipo ganador en la Comunidad Autónoma de Murcia lo componían alumnos de @ArchenaRunstoEU y bien que corrieron porque el premio consistió en un viaje a Estrasburgo para participar en una sesión del Parlamento Europeo como eurodiputados el pasado 16 de diciembre. 19 alumnos, ya cursando 2º Bachillerato, y tres profesoras viajamos rumbo a Estrasburgo el pasado 13 de diciembre y aprovechamos para visitar esta preciosa ciudad, que en Navidad se convierte en “la capital de Noel”. Entre las excursiones programadas cabe destacar la entrada a la magnífica catedral de Estrasburgo que alberga el famoso reloj astronómico que data del siglo XVI y está considerado “monumento histórico francés”. También paseamos por el precioso barrio histórico de la Pequeña Francia, navegamos por los canales de Estrasburgo y culminamos con la visita al Parlamento Europeo, donde las alumnas Laura Carrillo y Lucía Ortega de 2º Bach D presentaron a nuestro país en el hemiciclo.

Fue un viaje inolvidable y muy enriquecedor para todos los allí presentes.

Nos gustaría agradecer a la profesora Fuensanta Galián todo su esfuerzo para poder hacer esto posible y a los alumnos porque sin su trabajo y dedicación no se podrían llevar a cabo proyectos de esta envergadura.


Aquí algunas de las fotos del viaje 😉

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Places in Britain

Just like every year students from 1º ESO have been reading about famous places in Britain and, once again, they have created a Popplet (which they orally presented to the rest of the class) to show how much they have learnt. Click on the photos to have a look at their fantastic work:

Juan Carlos and Iván

Juan Carlos and Iván

Tatiana and Jaqueline

Tatiana and Jaqueline

Toñi ...

Toñi and José

Miriam ...

Miriam and Hamis

Alberto, Juanjo and Pedro

Alberto, Juanjo and Pedro

Rocío, Chema and Marco

Rocío, Chema and Marco

Natalia and Nailia

Natalia and Nailia



Esther and Lucía

Esther and Lucía


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Places in New York

During the first term, students from 2º Bach B and D bilingual have been doing some research on some of the most iconic places in New York.

Although some students have already been to New York, the majority of them haven’t. However, they were all asked to design a Google map with the places they would either like to visit if they ever go to this amazing city or, in the case of those who have been there, the places they would recommend to other people.

Their maps look fantastic and some of the oral presentations they did of their work were outstanding. I am sorry that I didn’t get to record them. Nevertheless, they are happy to share their work with you just in case you ever visit the city that never sleeps.

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Immigration in New York and immigration in Europe.

During the first term, students from 2º Bachillerato C have been reading about the first immigrants to arrive in New York at the beginning of the 20th century. They have been doing some research on Ellis Island and trying to understand why, whilst New York represented a new hope for many, leaving everything behind to go in search of a new life was also a hard decision which didn’t always turn out so well.

I thought that probably the best way for students to understand how people might feel when they are forced to leave their countries was to connect it to the refugee crisis Europe is going through at the moment. As there’s no better way to sympathise with those suffering than to put yourself in their shoes, I told the students they would have to record a radio programme in which they would interview a family of refugees living in Spain.

So, they worked as follows:

  • First, they had to write the scripts of their radio programmes on a Google Document and share them with me. You can check them out if you click on the photo:


  • After checking the scripts, they recorded their programmes and uploaded them to Spreaker. I have grouped them all in ivoox for easier access. Click on the photo to listen to them:


All in all, students have done a great job. Congratulations!!!


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Australia: The Convicts’ Wall

Hello everybody and welcome back. It seems ages since we last wrote a post on the blog, but we are back now with many more exciting tasks/projects which we will be published as we finish them.

This term, 1º Bachillerato A/B are working on a project about Australia. Australia is an exciting country which goes far beyond just Sydney and its famous Opera House. Students are busy right now designing their Google maps of famous places in Australia, but they have also been learning a bit of Australian history such as the fact that Australia was first used as a Penal Colony by the British as a way to expand their Empire. Besides, they are also doing some research on probably the saddest part of Australian History, the stolen generation of Aboriginal children who were taken from their families so that they could be integrated into white society.

To get the ball rolling, here is the collaborative wall where they had put themselves in the shoes of British convicts sent to Australia. Click on the photo to learn how those people might have felt:

The Convicts' Wall by 1º Bach A/B

The Convicts’ Wall by 1º Bach A/B

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¡Qué alegría!

Por segunda vez en tres años volvemos a ser finalistas del Premio Espiral Edublogs con nuestro blog. Es un gran reconocimiento al trabajo que llevamos, especialmente los alumnos, realizando estos años. Aunque el fallo final es el próximo 13 de mayo, nos llena de satisfacción estar ahí, rodeados de otros blogs de una calidad excepcional.

Nos gustaría dar las gracias a la organización y al jurado por considerar que estamos al nivel de otros compañeros a los que seguimos y admiramos y de los que aprendemos todos los días. Aprovechamos también para desearles mucha suerte a todos los finalistas.

Muchas gracias también a Educarm por hacerse eco de esta gran noticia. Pincha aquí para leer su nota de prensa.


X Edición del Premio Espiral Edublogs

X Edición del Premio Espiral Edublogs

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