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All About the USA by 2º ESO E

Students from 2º ESO E have been working on a project about the USA for the last two weeks. They were asked to read “All About the USA” by Editorial Burlington and as a way to evaluate them they had … Continue reading

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Freedom for 2º ESO

After a loooong second term learning about different types of slavery, from the past with the plantations in the southern states of North America up to nowadays with modern ways of slavery, we decided that one of the best ways … Continue reading

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Archena rocks!

During the first term we were working on American music as part of our project “Crossing the pond with 2º ESO“. After a few classes in which you were told about the history of American music, you were asked to record … Continue reading

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Nuestras canciones, nuestras normas

Como veo que algunos ya os estáis animando voy a empezar a crear nuestra lista de canciones en spotify e iré poniendo la norma con la que relacionáis cada canción. Ha empezado Vero con “Beautiful” de Christina Aguilera. A ella … Continue reading

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